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-09-2017 14:48 BJTBEIJING, March 9 (Xinhua) -- The situation of pro▓tection of rights of women, children and elders in the Unit▓ed States was worrisome in 2016, says a report on U.S. human rights released Thursday.The report, titl▓ed "Human Rights Record of the United St

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ates in 2016" and published by China's State Council Information Office, says women were paid much less compared to their ▓male colleagues who do the same work, and they frequent▓ly fell victims to sexual harassmen▓t and assault.Poverty rate among children▓ remained high and ca


ses of elder abuse happ▓ened from time to time, it says.The USA Today website reported that roughly one in four women ▓say they have been harassed on the job. It said t▓hat with many victims too frightened to speak up, attorneys and employment experts said the actual nu?/p>

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坢ber of such instances was likely fa▓r higher, according to the document.It quotes another report and says that after a 16-year-old girl told her high school she was sexually ass▓aulted, her school failed to respond properly and she was further traumatized during the inv▓esti